During my 3 terms as a port commissioner, I have had the opportunity to work with interesting and effective leaders in the public and private sectors. The relationships I have built and the experience I have gained gives me the insight to see the challenges and opportunities our region faces in keeping small businesses, government agencies cities and state infrastructure strong and growing. I enjoy working with these groups to find creative ways through grants and outside funding to create opportunities that will continue to grow our local economy while honoring the core values our communities and visitors love.

Why am I running for re-election? 

Chelan County, and the Wenatchee Valley, changed my life.  I met my husband here. We were married at the old Horan House in 1990, and this is where we raised our son. I love this community and the people in it. I’m proud to call this place home.

With our famous small-town charm and caring, welcoming communities, Chelan County and the Wenatchee Valley are beautiful and unique for more than just our region’s natural splendor. And we are experiencing unprecedented growth, with more on the horizon. I am asking for your vote because I want to continue to work with other community leaders and citizens to ensure sustainable, healthy and successful outcomes for the future, for all.